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EdenPure Bio SpeedCLEAN Sweeper
Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Is there a guarantee?
There is a Money Back Guarantee for 60 days and a 1-Year Warranty

Q: How much does the sweeper weigh?
Weight is less than 10 lbs.

Q: Where is the EdenPURE® Sweeper made?

Q: Does the EdenPURE Sweeper come with a bag?
The unit comes with one bag in it.  You will also receive three FREE bags with your sweeper. The inside of the bag is HEPA/Cellular Filter Fiber.

Q: What are the sweeper’s measurements?
The sweeper measures 35cm across in the front and 114cm high to the top of the handle.

Q: Are there any attachments with the sweeper?
Yes.  An attachment hose (stretches comfortably to 127cm), two wands (2-pieces), a brush and crevice tool are all included.

Q: What are the unique operating characteristics of the sweeper?
It does not leave marks on the carpet because the precision designed air flow vents create a turbine action like a tornado so the sweeper actually “floats.”  It also includes UVc germ killing power and a Ti02 coating to kill germs and nasty odors.  It also has rubberized wheels, a squeegee feature, and a cushioned non-slip grip to the handle.

Q: Is the sweeper adjustable?
Yes.  There are two power levels: Low for tile, hard floors and rugs, and High for carpets.

Q: How do you change the bag?
Open the zipper on the outside dust bag.  Press the button in the inside dust bag, and remove and discard the disposable dust bag.  Make sure you turn the power off when changing/cleaning the dust bag!